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Engaging Clients


Client Engagement & Rights

engaging clients


Behan Legal:

  • Appreciates each client’s appointment for the provision of legal and other professional services; and

  • Can advise and assist clients in many fields of law, and has consultants and advisors in many non-legal service areas; and

  • Adheres to the Legal Profession Act 2004; if appropriate, it will provide details of the personnel who will handle the specific retainer or requirements to the client. The aim is to deliver seamless service, however if the nominated personnel cannot continue working in the matter, management will involve other lawyers and employees within Behan Legal to provide the client with the most productive service possible; and

  • Will provide as soon as practicable a Disclosure Statement & Cost Agreement to the client with an estimate of the range of costs the client is likely to incur with other material that explains the culture of Behan Legal with a Statement of Services, and

  • Will assign a Client Identification Number after the client provides full identification.

Clients can choose to appoint Behan Legal on a long-term relational retainer in which they:

  • Enter a fixed retainer contract for a fixed fee payable monthly or weekly over a fixed period, and

  • Determine the work that Behan Legal will carry out and the basis of charging the retainer fee.


Clients can appoint Behan Legal on short-term transactional retainers in which they pay legal costs either on an estimate basis, which may be subject to variation, or on a fixed basis.


If clients have any concern, or need to clarify any aspect of the legal costs, or legal services they can call the Behan Legal Business Office who will deal with all enquires, however, if clients need further clarification the Business Office will refer the enquiry to an appropriate lawyer.

If the enquiry does not satisfy the client, then the client can seek a costs review by the Taxing Master under Division 7 of Part 3.4 of the Legal Profession Act 2004 (“Act”) within 60 days after the bill was given, or the law practice requests payment of costs, or the client pays the costs (whichever is earlier or earliest). A client can seek a costs review outside the 60-day time limit. In these circumstances the Taxing Master will not deal with the review if we can establish that to do so would, in all the circumstances, cause unfair prejudice to us.

Clients can apply to VCAT under section 3.4.32 of the Act to set aside the Costs Agreement, or complain to the Legal Services Commissioner under chapter 4 of the Act within 60 days after the legal costs were payable or, if an itemised bill was requested for those costs, within 30 days after the request was complied with. If a client satisfies the Commissioner that there was a reasonable cause for the delay, and legal proceedings have not been commenced for the recovery, or review of the legal costs that are the subject of the complaint, it is possible to make a complaint to the Legal Services Commissioner up to 4 months after the end of the period.


  •  Client Charter
  •  Disclosure Statement & Cost Agreement
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