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Behan Legal Estate & Succession Planning Appraisal

This is a simple test to help you check that you have adequately planned your Will and maximising benefits to your family or friends.

Read each statement and confirm whether you have already made that provision, or taken it into account in planning your Estate.  


You have prepared and put in place a Will that has regard to:

1    Maximising social security available to persons who receive a benefit under your Will. It is necessary to plan this aspect so you can avoid any reduction or loss of social security benefits.

2    The impact of taxation, such as, stamp duty on transfers of property, and capital gains tax. It is essential to plan for taxation so the Estate can offset any capital losses against the capital gains of the estate, or even minimise the tax that may be payable.

3    Any requirement to establish a company, trust, or even superannuation fund that will make provision for current and future income and protection of your assets and those of your beneficiaries.

4    Guaranteeing continued management of any company or business, you own after your death.

5    Any person benefiting from your Will who is unable to handle their own affairs, such as, infants under the age of 18 or persons who are mentally impaired.  


If any of these statements do not reflect your current position then you either do not have a Will or your Will does not take into account these important issues and you should immediately contact us to make a new Will.


Behan Legal assists and advises on these important issues. For an appointment, call 03 9646 0344 .

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