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Initial advice to final hearing and determination for all applications, objections, and appeals before Government Tribunals

Experience in administrative law includes statutory interpretation, freedom of information, natural justice, legislative drafting, regulatory drafting, tribunal work, regulatory systems, privacy, and procedural fairness.

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Australian Institute of Administrative Law

Administrative Review Council

Federal Magistrates Service

Department of the Parliamentary Library

Experience in arbitration and alternative dispute resolution, advising clients on arbitration and ADR clauses in agreements, conducting and appearing at mediations and arbitrations

International Court of Arbitration

Law Engaging Alternate Dispute Resolution

United Nations Project on Dispute Settlement

National Alternative Dispute Resolution Advisory Council

Institute of Arbitrators & Mediators Australia

Advising clients on asset and wealth protection preventing personal and business property from being in jeopardy due to bankruptcy, directors’ liability, enforcement of personal guarantees or other domestic reasons

General and specialist advice to businesses, financiers, and individuals on a diverse range of corporate and commercial finance transactions

Experience in banking, finance, and securities law, including transactional work for banks and financial institutions and advice and guidance regarding regulatory requirements

Reserve Bank Of Australia

Financial Services Institute of Australasia

Australian Prudential Regulation Authority

Axiss Australia

Commonwealth Budget

Advising corporate and individual creditors, debtors, trustees, and liquidators in bankruptcy and insolvency law on corporate receiverships, voluntary administration, deed of company arrangements, winding up applications and bankruptcies

Insolvency and Trustee Service Australia

Federal Magistrates Service

Australian Insolvency Barometer

Advising clients on all aspects of business law including contract, sale of goods, consumer protection, trade practices, agency, advertising, partnerships, insurance and professional liability

Business Entry Point

National Competition Council

Advising commercial clients on business start-ups, joint ventures and partnerships, distributions and agency, franchising, advertising, and marketing, terms and conditions, and commercial contract law Company and business mergers, acquisitions and sales, restructures and amalgamations, banking and debt financing

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Federal Government



Advising on anti-competitive and unfair market practices, mergers or acquisitions, product safety/liability, natural monopoly regulation and third party access

Clients often require advice on the competition law and regulatory implications of commercial transactions

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

National Competition Council

Australian Consumers Association

Advice on a broad range of contractual issues including rectification, trade practices uncertainty, failure of consideration, lack of authority, illegality, failure to comply with strict legislative requirements, undue influence, unconscionable conduct, specific performance, and damages for breach.
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
Advice on all aspects of corporations law affecting the formation and operation of companies including, structuring and asset protection, regulatory and compliance matters, duties and obligations of company directors and officeholders, shareholders rights, statutory reporting and compliance, all issues under the Corporations Act and other relevant statutes and regulations

Australian Securities and Investments Commission

Australian Institute of Company Directors

Advice on all aspects of employment law including hiring and termination requirements, tax, payroll and superannuation obligations Occupational Health and Safety requirements, discrimination and harassment issues, Industrial Relations, Workers Compensation, Public Liability, Risk Management Strategies & audits.

Office of the Employment Advocate

Breaking the Gridlock

Australian Workplace

Advising both franchisors and franchisees on franchising, trade practice requirements, and the relevant code requirements, including reviewing contracts and agreements, leases, intellectual property protection, and dispute resolution
Australian Competition & Consumer Commission

Advice on industrial awards, certified agreements and other laws about conditions of employment, and protection of employers and employees

Advising on industrial injuries, injured employees, disciplinary matters, discrimination, unfair wrongful dismissal, health and safety issues and redundancy

Australian Industrial Relations Commission


International Labour Organization

Advice to insurers, corporations, and individuals and high-level litigation in commercial and professional indemnity actions, advice on policy issues, assisting with statutory compliance and risk management, dispute resolution and resolution of claims
Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
Advice on the protection of original concepts and ideas and the laws about the protection of intellectual property including trademarks, designs, licensing trade secrets copyright, and patents

IP Australia

World Intellectual Property Organization

Advising on the legal and commercial issues about project identification, control and management, contributions and inputs, taxation and other structuring issues Advice, preparation, and negotiating terms of joint ventures and project development agreements for commercial, retail, and multi-residential developments. Advice for financiers and preparation of financing and loan agreements for specific projects

Advising clients on all aspects of leasing for commercial and retail premises

Preparation of all leasing and disclosure requirements for landlords and tenants


Advising licensees and proprietors on the legal requirements of specific licensing regime

Preparation and assisting in licensing applications, determinations and transfers

Liquor Licensing
Representation and advice on a vast range of in civil and commercial litigation
Advise on issues and litigation about publishing and broadcasting, production, distribution and financing arrangements, defamation, contempt, copyright industrial relations, marketing, sponsorship, licensing and merchandising arrangements, intellectual property identification and protection

Australian Broadcasting Authority

Australian Communications Authority

Australian Film Commission

Office of Film & Literature Classification

Australian Performing Rights Association

Representing & advising purchasers and sellers in acquisitions and divestments in the areas of regulatory matters, due diligence, securities, intellectual property, foreign investment, financing agreements, commercial finance, project financing, debt restructuring, structuring, and employment law
Advising and representing business, corporate and private clients on property and Conveyancing transactions including acquisition, disposition, project development, leasing, financing, structuring, asset protection, and joint ventures

Building Commission

Australian Property Council

State Revenue Office

Land Registry Office

Advising, designing and implementing changes to business, corporate and private clients’ capital or corporate structures to protect assets and reputation, enhance their value, and to minimise possible litigation or claims

Advising and representing companies, directors, officers, and investors, in all matters affected by corporate, securities, and banking laws, including public and private offerings of equity and debt securities, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, buyouts, and tenders.

Advising on legal requirements of financial institutions and providing a broad range of legal services on corporate governance and compliance, and finance and business structures.

Australian Securities and Investments Commission

Financial Services Institute of Australasia

Advising and representing on sports contracts, sponsorship and endorsement, venue and event management, ecommerce and internet, workplace relations, risk management, disputes, business structures and tax.

Australian Institute of Sport

Australian Sports Web

Australian & New Zealand Sports Law Association


Advice for business, corporate and private clients on a variety of issues including income tax, Goods & Services Tax (GST), capital gains issues, payroll tax, stamp duty and tax litigation

International taxation issues including residency, source of income, double taxation, tax havens, foreign companies, and investment

Australian Taxation Office

Taxation Institute of Australia

Board of Taxation

Australian Competition & Consumer Commission

A New Tax System

State Revenue Office

Advice for business, corporate and private clients about legal requirements affecting transport operations including, commercial documentation, freight forwarding, factoring agreements, subcontracting agreements, injury claims and compensation, contracts of carriage, insurance, dispute resolution and maritime law

Australian Transport Safety Bureau

Australian Transport Council

Department of Transport and Regional Services


Advice on trusts for asset protection, business protection and continuity succession planning and taxation structuring

Expertise in the areas of trusts, companies, and the structuring and reorganisation of affairs ensures protection of assets being tax and stamp duty effective and that testamentary wishes are realised. Estate planning advice and act for estates in probates and letters of administration, family maintenance, claims against estates and defending claims

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