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 Recommendations & Testimonials

“I have worked with Francis in finding financial solutions for his clients. Francis is very astute and competent at analysing client’s needs, which enabled me to ascertain easily what product/services best, suited their requirements. Francis is proactive in identifying appropriate solutions for his clients and I have no hesitation in endorsing his professionalism.”

Elizabeth Amendolia, Owner & Manager, Bank of Queensland

“It is extremely useful for a UK commercial law firm to be able to call upon the services of an experienced commercial law practice in Australia. We have every confidence in Francis Ruggiero and Behan Legal and we look forward to a continuing successful association with them.”

Andrew Lindsay, Partner, Denison Till, United Kingdom

“Our meeting with Francis helped improve our business practices and has assisted in our positive growth; we look forward to an ongoing relationship in the future”

Simon Eden, Director, Eden Pavey Estate Advisory Services

“Francis & I sat on a board for Quality in Law in Victoria together. I always found Francis to be an honest reputable lawyer who worked hard to achieve results for our organisation.”

Simone Campbell, Lawyer, Melbourne

“I have had the pleasure of working with Francis on the Board of QL.”

Steve Mark, NSW Legal Services Commissioner

“Behan Legal has been completely professional in its advice and work carried out for our family. Their advice has been timely and very accurate and saved our family many thousands of dollars. I have no hesitation in recommending Behan Legal. Francis is an excellent legal counsel who is honest and works diligently to see your issues resolved. He is well connected in the business world and the best person to handle our legal affairs.”

Con Antonello, Director, Melbourne

“Francis was an active and highly motivated student in the RMIT University, MBA (International Management) program. He worked with senior faculty of the Graduate School of Business (GSB) to recommend creative improvements to the program. We believe that he will continue to be a very valuable asset to the GSB as an alumnus and hope that he will continue to offer strong support to his peers.”

John Toohey, Head of Graduate School of Business, RMIT University

“I have known Francis for more than twenty years. In that time, I have known him to be reliable, friendly, and very professional. He has the quality of being able to deal with others with empathy and astuteness. I have no hesitation in giving Francis an endorsement and would recommend his services wholeheartedly.”

Robert Wort, Director, Melbourne

“Francis Ruggiero and his company have been very helpful to my family and me for over 20 years. They have dealt with all our legal matters in a very professional manner. Throughout the years, Francis has also become someone I am proud to call a Friend. He runs a very successful business in Melbourne & Sydney, which has a very large reputation. I would support Francis 100% because he’s very dedicated to his career and he’s knowledge on law is of a very High standard.”

Meho Ladevic, Consultant, Melbourne

“As a legal advisor, Francis has always informed me promptly and with attention to detail of all matters, both current and subject to change, which are relevant to my financial and professional affairs.”

Frances Elliott, Melbourne

“I have done quite a lot of work with Francis Ruggiero and I found him very efficient and co-operative in resolving together problems which had arisen over different legal systems and jurisdictions. I consult him on issues involving Australian law as I value his advice and international background.”

Thanos Babalis, Lawyer, Pologiorgis Babalis & Troullinos, Greece

“I have always found Francis and his team to be professional, courteous, and diligent in all they do and would be more than happy to recommend them to any person seeking advice. I am delighted to endorse Francis Ruggiero to you as he has provided services above and beyond the call of duty to my Financial Services Business and me in his position as managing director of Behan Legal.”

Peter Giblett, Financial Advisor, Melbourne

“We have known Francis for a very long time. He has been assisting us in the UK at various times with professionalism, integrity, and honesty, nothing but praise for his methods and approach. Making time and effort to help us through the law process has been his most noticeable point.”

Mr. & Mrs. Di Mambro , London United Kingdom

“Francis helped me overcome some difficulty with a reluctant landlord in a recent dealing. I am happy with the progress that he made in a short space of time and would recommend Behan Legal and Francis' legal practice to all.”

Margaret Stewart, Director, Melbourne

“I have been a client of Francis Ruggiero for over 16 years. Francis has provided me with legal services from general to complex company and property transactions. In all the cases Francis has been contracted by me, he has provided outstanding results with a 100% success rate. I have no hesitation in recommending Francis Ruggiero to provide legal services to companies or individuals”

Mark Mastrantonio, Director, Melbourne

“Francis Ruggiero's firm has handled the property transactions for a number of properties for me, some of which are complicated deals involving transfers from trusts etc. He advised and set up structures for asset protection and managed my estate planning.”

Kerry Latchford, Director, Sydney

“Francis has been a great contact due to his knowledge of the financial service industry; I look forward to being able to refer clients on a continuing basis.”

Nick Perkins, Financial Adviser, Australian Financial Planning Group, Melbourne, & Sydney

“Francis is a very switched-on professional who has been a pleasure to deal with.”

Kylie Charlton, Director, The Condition Report, Melbourne

“Francis has represented me for the past 20 years. He has always provided the best advice and ensured my assets are well protected. I can recommend Francis and Behan Legal as innovative, professional, thorough, and committed to his client's welfare.”

Grant Mason, Director, Melbourne

“Francis is a focussed, and committed, professional that is deeply concerned with achieving sound commercial outcomes for his suppliers and clients.”

Tony Scott, Director, Qantum Innovation, Melbourne

“Upon meeting Francis I immediately recognised someone that I could converse with on several levels. I find Francis to be highly professional in both a social and professional context. Francis has always displayed the type of conduct that invites people to his counsel and you leave with a feeling of empowerment, trusting in both your own and Francis’ ability to succeed through adversity…Having met Francis during the Masters in International Management the one outstanding point that impressed all his classmates was the fact that his high level of honesty and integrity never came into question.”

Pat Fitzgerald, MBA (International Management), Melbourne

“Francis has an excellent knowledge of issues facing the financial industry which I have found useful with regard to my own…Francis has given me excellent advice in the years I have known him. I recommend him to any-body requiring specialist help.”

Marshall Biggins, Securities Broker, Macquarie, Melbourne

“I met Francis while undertaking an MBA in Melbourne and have found him to be a person of integrity and honesty. Francis impressed me with his ability to express complex laws in a manner that is easy to understand. I will always seek to use Francis' law firm in all my legal undertakings and would highly recommend him to others.”

Liz Rizzi, Project Manager, Melbourne

“Francis has represented me & has a caring professional nature that puts him in a league of his own. He is not just a lawyer he has a heart and soul. I would highly recommend Francis to anyone whom wants action & updated information that will excel your business to another level. I wish I had found Francis 6 lawyers and thousands of dollars ago.”

Margie Cerato,

“Francis is clearly about setting a new benchmark in terms of bringing legal services into a modern day customer service paradigm.”

Wayne Snelson, Financial Advisor, Project People, Melbourne

“I met Francis in my role as Business Relationship Manager for State Trustees dealing with the Legal Industry. Francis presented himself in a professional manner and is obviously passionate about the standard of service he provides clients. Francis has a very open, honest, and effective style of communication that suggests his clients would always be 'looked after'”

Laurie Taylor, Business Relationship Manager, State Trustees, Melbourne

“I met Francis in 1999 when he represented Victoria on the National Board of Quality in Law and I represented Queensland. At the same time, he was Victorian president. In each role he was enthusiastic, thorough and professional and of course successful. Coincidentally my then firm had dealings for opposing clients with his firm; his firm's conduct reflected those characteristics. Francis was dynamic and pro-active, always thinking of better ways to do things.”

David Jacobson, Lawyer, Jacobson Consulting (Queensland)

“When presented with an interesting challenge regarding a commercial contract Behan Legal demonstrated both flexibility and understanding while giving firm and positive legal advice. Thanks for your help and I look forward to working with you again.”

Ashley Terns, Business Broker, Melbourne

“I know Francis personally and professionally. With this combination I can ensure anyone that Francis’ work is top-class, and done with passion. I will - thus - never hesitate to call Francis whenever I need legal assistance in Australia - as I have done on several occasions”

Nicholas Sims, Attorney-at-Law, Nordic Law Group PLC, Denmark

“I have to thank Francis for the work he did for me. It started out as a need to update my will, and ended up with the set-up of a family trust and Company as well. Each step was supported by sound and considered advice, and timely and accurate work. I found Francis' support in the entire process to be of great value.”

Douglas Dean, Vice President, South Pacific Petroleum Corporation, Guam, USA

“As Lending Manager, I have found Francis’ professionalism, attention to detail, innovation, and ability to stay abreast of the times invaluable in the servicing of my clients, and would recommend his services to any professional in need of legal representation and advice.”

Jim Sinfonias, Director, Commercial Finance, Melbourne

“I have known Francis professionally and personally for many years. Every matter we have referred to him has been handled impeccably, and we are always assured of very prompt, thoroughly professional, and often very imaginative service. We consider Francis our principal asset in Australia.”

Robert McTamaney, Partner, Carter Ledyard & Milburn, New York, USA

“Francis Ruggiero is a mastermind when it comes to property law and asset protection. His knowledge and creative approach is second to none. I have seen them all and he is streets ahead of the rest. One of the best investments I have made thus far. Very highly recommended!

Anthony Peluso, Director, Deal Group Melbourne

“Francis and his firm work extensively internationally and we here in Korea have been highly impressed with his consistently growing expertise and talent.”

Thomas Ryou, Asst. Professor of Law, TLBU Graduate School of Law, Seoul

“We have had numerous dealings with Francis as his client and have developed a strong business relationship which will continue. In my dealings with Francis two words come to mind - Professional and Honest.”

John Carmody, Director, Melbourne

“It has been my pleasure to have been associated with Francis, as Victorian representative of my law firm, for over 17 years. I find Francis to be one of the most enthusiastic, energetic, creative, and innovative lawyers I have ever met, as well as being someone totally committed to delivering awesome client service.”

Warren Jarrett, Lawyer, Jarrett Legal, Adelaide, South Australia

“Francis was prompt, professional, and efficient. No inquiry too large or small, Francis attended to all of them and responded immediately.”

Karen Michaelis, PH Group, Melbourne

“Francis has been a reliable legal representative for our family business over many years. Presently, he is working closely with us to secure a new business venture in an extremely professional manner. For matters on a personal level Francis also represents many of our family members individually.”

Dean Gilbert, Director, Gilbert Transport, Melbourne

“Francis’ personal dynamism and his enthusiasm for the law were both reflected in the zeal with which he and his firm approached a difficult and unusual client situation referred to him by me. The outcome reflected a true mix of hard decision-making mixed with needed compassion.”

Douglas Stewart, Lawyer, United Kingdom

“Francis handled my clients' cases with his best effort. My clients appreciated his assistance and advice. We have been informed by the client that his business in Australia is very smooth and for the next plan, my client will see Francis.”

Laxami Waraprasart, Partner, Vovan & Associés, Bangkok, Thailand

“I have dealt with Francis for a number of years, initially as a client and later as a legal consultant. I have always found Francis to be professional in his outlook. We have not always agreed on all matters, but the professional manner in which Francis has handled these situations has always led to an amicable solution.”

Colin Wiggins, Consultant, Dapiran Knight Recruitment, Melbourne

“I greatly respect Francis Ruggiero's competence, skill, and perceptiveness as a lawyer, particularly from my standpoint as an Insolvency Practitioner.”

Bill Abeyratne, Partner, Harrisons Insolvency, Melbourne

“I have known Francis for several years from our legal Network Legalink. He is a serious and kind lawyer.”

Renee Hopster, Lawyer, Jonker c.s Advocaten, Amsterdam, Netherlands

“Francis, is an understanding and knowledgeable practitioner. I have found him to be approachable and willing to assist in any way.”

Anthony Sill, Legal Counsel Australasia, Marconi Australia, Sydney

“I have been impressed with Francis' informative newsletter and his networking abilities. As a supporter of the American Chamber of Commerce, Francis has demonstrated that he is a dynamic and successful businessman which has been further endorsed by the phenomenal growth of his practice.”

Robyn Larson, General Manager, American Chamber of Commerce in Australia

“Expect the Unexpected. Business life is full of unexpected and often unpleasant surprises. Francis' unique proactive approach to the legal framework that surrounds our business and personal activities is impressive to say the least. It is very comforting to know that my lawyer is considering solutions to problems before they arise and not just waiting for me to come to them.”

Jon White, Financial Advisor, MW Planning, Melbourne

“As an alternative to the more expensive larger legal firms, I recommend the services of Behan Legal as there will be no compromise on quality, yet the fees charged will be far more realistic”

Joe Dicks, Chartered Accountant, Partner, PPB, Melbourne

“I've always been impressed by the way Francis maintains his client relationships and the quality of his professional advice.”

John Clohessy, Director, Changing Directions, Melbourne, Perth, Western Australia

“Francis continually strives to improve both himself and the services his law firm provides. He is a true professional and I hold in very high regard, both our personal and business relationship.”

David Robinson, Director, Melbourne

“I have known Francis Ruggiero for 25 years since we started our legal careers together. He is a very capable and experienced practitioner and principal.”

Anthony Evans, General Counsel – Corporate, Melbourne

“I have found Francis to be a forthright professional, with a thoroughly commendable attitude towards learning. His readiness to question, in a critical but at the same time open-minded manner, and his willingness to try new ways of thinking and doing are some of his personal characteristics. I am sure he will continue his already-started journey of learning and growing as a person and professional.”

Dr Michael Thong, Program Director & Senior Lecturer, RMIT University

“I have known Francis for close to thirty years, both in a professional and personal capacity. On a business level, I admire and respect Francis for his practical, "no nonsense" approach to issues that need to be resolved, and, on a personal level, I acknowledge him as a loyal and trustworthy friend.”

Michael Moran, Lawyer, Richmond & Bennison, Melbourne

“Francis has an intuitive and incisive take on business situations backed up by serious legal expertise. He's a gentleman and a pleasure to deal with.”

Paul Regan, Director, Black Cat Investigations, Melbourne

“From my interaction with Francis, I found him a very capable communicator and handle projects and challenges well. He is also good at bringing out his ideas.”

Daryl Ho, Engineer, Texas Instruments, Malaysia

“Francis provided timely, accurate, and practical legal advice on Australian law in complex international commercial/corporate transactions. I would highly recommend him and I will work with him again when I need a lawyer in Australia.”

Daniel Press, Attorney, Chung & Press, P.C. McLean, VA, USA

“I have known Francis for over 15 years both professionally and personally. Francis is creative, diligent, and thoroughly professional who works with profound ethical principles. He is innovative, a lateral thinker and a very decent human being to boot. Such people are increasingly rare.”

Neville Kenyon, Barrister, Melbourne

“Our company, Admix Corporation, required a solicitor who could understand the intricacies of our business endeavours. Francis was recommended and after our initial consultation we knew we had found the person with the expertise, backup and personality with whom we could have a good working relationship.”

David Bennell, Admix Corporation, Australia

“Whilst working as a Residential Property Investment Consultant, it became clear from my discussions with Francis that he was leaps and bounds ahead with regard to client services. Dealing with many solicitors in my line of work none were as no nonsense or as pleased to share valuable information as Francis.”

Mardi Latch

“Having known Francis for more than 40 years I can reliably say that he is a witty conversationalist and a good friend. At a business level, Francis is a resourceful and effective operator with solid credibility and integrity.”

Brendan Foley, O-I Asia Pacific

“My first impression of Francis was finally a solicitor with integrity and vision, but even more he has a personality. I have been a client for a couple of years and have found staff very efficient, which is testament to Francis. Well done.”

Dale Gillham, Advisor, Wealth Within, Melbourne

“Francis and I worked on client finance and general insurance requirements. His level of professionalism and business acumen was a "breath of fresh air"”

Mario Borg, Finance Director, Mortgage Achievers

“Francis is one of the most commercially astute people I have come across. He focuses on satisfying customers by delivering practical and cost effective solutions in a timely manner, all with the commercial aims in mind. He brings many skills to assist clients, including extensive social & political connections, qualifications in advanced management, law, & varied business ownership interests.”

Clyde Campbell, Lawyer, & General Manager Daimler Chrysler Australia Pacific

“Francis is a client of mine and I have found his enthusiasm contagious. He is very decisive and has always acted in a professional and diligent manner. I would have no hesitation in recommending Francis as a very honest and credible person.”

Damien Theisz, Property Advisor, Melbourne

“Francis is a well-respected member of the Australian legal fraternity; his experience and talent allow him to provide the highest level of professional service and problem solving skills to his clients and business associates.”

Michael Ibbotson, Financial Advisor, Security National, Melbourne

“I have been a client of Francis since July 2003, after having searched high and wide for a lawyer. Francis has provided us with assistance and advice regarding legal structures and succession planning in a most professional manner. His attention to detail and ability to explain complex legal scenarios has certainly made him an invaluable member of our team both on a personal and business level.”

Ross Martin, Director, Melbourne

“I have had the pleasure of working with Francis on the National Quality in Law Board. Francis is a driving force in the implementation of quality standards across the legal industry in Australia and his professionalism and dedication have done much to further this cause.”

Charles Biscoe, Lawyer, Toomey Pegg Drevikovsky, Sydney

“I have worked with Francis for over 20 years. He is diligent and commercial; he gets things done quickly and effectively. I have no hesitation in recommending him.”

Ian Carson, Chartered Accountant-Partner PPB, Melbourne

“Francis restructured my companies and secured my personal assets ensuring that the risks that come with doing business don't become a nightmare.”

Matthew Haddad, Director, Melbourne

“Francis has been providing legal advice to my companies for the past 20 years. We have always found him to have a thorough understanding of all aspects of the law and the ability to translate it into terminology that we can understand and utilise. As Dimetro is heavily involved in international expansion, Francis' knowledge and network in the international arena have been invaluable.”

Ray Wareham, Director, Dimetro Group

“Our firm needed a law firm that was multi-levelled and competent in each. Francis provided up to date information and timely input assisting us in various actions. Always remember, it costs nothing to make a choice but the wrong choice costs a fortune”

Justin Bon Ventre, Property Advisor, Melbourne

“Francis is a well-respected and an exceptionally talented person in his legal area of expertise. On a personal note, Francis has a wonderful sense of humour and is great to have a drink with!”

Natalie Simpson, Casino Promotions, Australia

“Francis has built up a successful law firm, using his smarts and good business contacts and opportunities. He surrounds himself with success and now he enjoys the lifestyle that we all aspire.”

Grant Morgan, Publisher, Australia

“I have known Francis for a number of years and have always found him to be open and honest.”

Andrew Humberstone, Victoria Police, Melbourne

“Francis is an extremely talented Attorney At Law. He is delightful to deal with, always-demonstrating care, skill, and diligence. Undoubtedly, we will see Francis achieve greater career milestones. On a personal note, Francis is loyal, trusting, and always fun to be with. The mere fact that he makes it a rule not to wear a watch when socialising with friends is testament to how he values friendships.”

Nina Randall, Producer, Dion & Randall Productions, Australia

“Francis Ruggiero was recommended to us by a mutual friend, and our first impression of Francis was finally a solicitor with a vision, integrity, and personality. His level of professionalism never came into question. We recommend Francis highly, and especially his attention to details and ability to resolve often complex matters. Good luck and well done.”

Jim & Julya Konas, Directors, Hellenic Cheese Farm, Australia

“I have consulted Francis, on a personal level, on a number of occasions and found his professionalism and dedication stands out to the eye of the beholder.”

Albert Blanco, Marketing, Melbourne

“Francis is the real life antithesis of those nefarious lawyers depicted on TV. He has looked after my business and personal legal needs with diligence, efficiency and a warm and personable 'desk side' manner. He is an honest, trustworthy, and hardworking lawyer with a genial personality that makes all business dealings pleasurable rather than anxiety provoking.”

Gloria Krope, Melbourne

“I have had the pleasure of using Francis’ legal services for over 6 years. In this time, I have found his knowledge and expertise second to none. Attentive and responsive, Francis is a dedicated and committed law practitioner. He is also a really nice fellow.”

Jane Braithwaite, Director, Melbourne

“Francis is a very impressive, forward thinking professional. He was a pleasure to deal with and I have no hesitation in recommending him & his services.”

Goran Galic, Manager, Melbourne

“It has been an honour to have met Francis through our MBA (International Management) program. I find him diligent and systematic, taking pride in his work and respectful of others. I wish him all the best in his endeavours!”

Dorothy Tan, Finance, Latrobe University, Melbourne

“Francis and I worked together on the Legal Practice Management Section of the LIV. He was the person responsible for getting me interested in the QL program. I have always been impressed with his energy, enthusiasm, and commitment. I went to him recently for some independent legal advice and I recommend him as a person to have on your side!”

David Frost, Management Consultant, Melbourne

“Francis is one of the clearest thinking, innovative and straightforward lawyers I have dealt with. His grasp of commercial matters and his knowledge of business issues are of the highest level.”

Christopher Cogan, Director, BHL Axiom, Melbourne/Sydney

“Francis has and continues to act as my corporate lawyer, having acted for over 10 years. He is a man of high integrity and skill who has always handled my matters in a most professional manner. His robust debate and commercial approach has always led to good outcomes for my company.”

Simon Hardwidge, Director, VISA Global Logistics

Francis is a professional adviser on both legal and commercial advice. He has both high integrity and vast experience in business matters. I value his advice."

Carmelo Arena, Director, Sound & Image

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