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Signing & Executing your Will

1    Always carefully read the Will and be that it sets out your wishes accurately.

2    Arrange for two independent adult (over 18 years of age) witnesses to be present when you sign your Will. A family member (however related) or any person who has any possible interest under your Will should not be one of the witnesses (this includes husband and wife).

3    Date your Will. Then sign your normal signature at the bottom of each page and at the end of the Will where your name appears. You must do this in the presence of the two witnesses.

4    The witnesses, then, must at the same time and in your presence, sign their names at the bottom of each page and at the end of the Will under your signature. You should use your normal signature. Both witnesses must then print their full names, addresses and occupations below their signatures on the last page of the Will (as verification may be required at a later stage).

5    You must all use the same pen (a ballpoint pen is acceptable).

6    You and both your witnesses in the margin to the side of each alteration should initial any alterations to the Will.

7    It is important that nothing is pinned or clipped to the Will and that it is not marked in any way.

8    Ensure that you quickly return the Will, when complete, to us for safekeeping.


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