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Success Appraisal Programs


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“Fear is pain arising from the anticipation of evil.”


“The Success Appraisal Program” is a series of Behan Legal programs that increases your ability to anticipate legal problems and avoid litigation and any unnecessary damages and costs.

The programs include:

  • Business & Corporate Compliance Programs;
  • General Legal Appraisal;
  • Environmental Compliance Program (based on our Environment program), and
  • Employment Law Compliance Program


The program will improve the management of your business, which enables you to have us understand your intentions, and participate in moulding your corporate or personal strategy covering all legal situations.  


As part of a comprehensive approach to your personal and business planning, the program analyses your risk management strategies, which will look at:

  • Adequacy of your current protection;
  • Maximising tax advantages for personal and business insurance;
  • Updating your cover to reflect legislative and industry changes, and
  • Ensuring your policies meet your needs regarding superannuation, income protection and other protective insurances.

The program retains a financial advisory group to provide an analysis of your personal and business insurance.


The program offers an in-house company registration and compliance service to all our business & corporate clients. The goal is to provide you with “more than just mere registration” by supplying comprehensive information and advice about the rights, responsibilities, and obligations of directors and shareholders, and all corporate requirements. The services include:

  • Company registrations;
  • Company Secretarial Services (including preparation & lodging of Annual Review Statements);
  • Compliance & Registry Services (including the provision of Registered Office);
  • Searches, lodging and dealing with the Australian Securities & Investments Commission;
  • Superannuation;
  • Trusts;
  • Trademarks;
  • Succession Planning, and
  • Taxation

The program differs from other advisors who merely sell you a company, or a trust that they purchased “off the shelf” from a third party, without proper consideration of your needs and requirements. Behan Legal lawyers run the Business & Corporate Program, constantly updating the program to reflect changes in the law.

This approach is more efficient than most of the services currently offered by other providers, with less chance of non-compliance or penalties to your company or you.  

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